Visite guidate Viterbo, Guide turistiche in Tuscia
Visite guidate Viterbo, Guide turistiche in Tuscia

Guided Tours Viterbo


Tesori d’Etruria offers a large choice of trips in Viterbo and in his province, even just for a day, that will make you discover the wonders of this area. Tesori d’Etruria cooperates with touristic guides, archaeologists and experts in history, available to drive you along the best routes of Viterbo and Tuscia. With our staff you’ll know the ancient culture of Viterbo, from the places where the Etruscans lived to the fights between Guelfs and Ghibellines, from the dark Middle Age to the Renaissance, till the most important steps of the development of Viterbo in  the last centuries.


We suggest different tour to meet the needs of families, pilgrims, school groups, foreigners and business groups. This large choice of offers allow us to create trips in accord with the needs of the ones who require them. Thematic  trackway to better know all the aspects of this rich area: from art to the history, from geography to food.

But not only trip in Viterbo, we also create trips in the surrounding areas:  Civita di Bagnoregio, the dying city; the lakes of Bolsena and Vico, with their volcanicity; Tarquinia, Tuscania e Cerveteri with their necropolis linked to the history of the cities, useful in particular for schools.

Viterbo and Tuscia will fascinate you so much that once started this travel with Tesori d’Etruria, you will not go away anymore.

If you wish to receive information about the tours in Viterbo and in his province, you can contact us by phone 0761 32 61 27 – 0761 22 08 51 or send us an e-mail  to   with all your contacts.